Who Is PUMA?

PUMA is owned, organised and independently financed by three mature entrepreneurs, one an accountant, one an electrical engineer, one a high tech startup specialist. This group brings over a century of SME development experience to the PUMA project.

Robert Pynegar

Chairman of the PUMA Group

Nigel Bird

Technical Director

Malcolm Cashmore

Financial Director


General Manager

Henry oversees the software and hardware development at Puma. In his spare time you will find him playing squash or reading history books.


Systems Manager

Michael manages our local hardware and marketing strategy. In his spare time Michael likes tinkering with electronics and software projects.


Lead Developer

Dan is a recent Computer Science graduate at University of Nottingham. Dan does both front and back end development for Puma. In his spare time he enjoys bike riding.


App Developer

Ben makes our Android and iOS Apps. He is a Mathematics & Computer Science graduate from the University of Nottingham.

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