With rising energy costs, increasing demand for hospital services, and the current strains on the NHS, hospitals are looking for areas to reduce expenditure in order to continue offering excellent care. It is estimated that 25% of the NHS’ budget is spent on electricity. With the insights provided by PUMA’s solution, we can help you get electricity bills back under control.

Quality of care is first and foremost the priority for all hospitals. Money saved by reducing electricity use can be allocated elsewhere.


Current and future financial strains are threatening the viability of the NHS. There are billions of pounds in energy efficiency savings that can be made to help solve the spiralling costs of the health service. If savings are not made in electricity use, they will have to be made elsewhere in critical services.

Without accurate monitoring of electricity usage however, realising wide-reaching efficiency savings are not going to happen. PUMA's solution will enable the NHS to make the savings it needs to operate efficiently and safeguard it for the future.

Benefits for Hospitals

  • Meet Efficiency Savings Targets
    PUMA’s solution reduces running costs without compromising care.
  • Predict Equipment Faults
    Recognise electricity use patterns that lead to faults and act before they happen.
  • Non Intrusive Hardware
    Our sensors are self powering, retrofitting and require no changes to your existing electrical board.

PUMA is looking for a small number of Hospitals to trial in and around the East Midlands area. This is a great opportunity for us to test our systems and for you to gain valuable insights into your electricity usage for free!

If you manage or are responsible for electricity use in a Hospital, we think PUMA would be of great benefit to you.

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