Are Vertical Forests the Solution to Rising C02 Levels?

Vertical forests like the incredible Bosco Verticale project in Milan combat C02 emissions and drastically improve air quality


Image courtesey of Patrick Bombaert - Flickr


The two tower blocks feature hundreds of trees and thousands of plants which convert the harmful C02 into oxygen.

Each tower in amount of trees is equal to 20,000 square metres of forest!

The architect behind the innovative design of the two tower blocks in Milan, Stefano Boeri is also working on a number of similar Cleantech projects across the globe.

PUMA Electronics is of also course dedicated to helping organisations reduce their C02 footprint. With reduced electricity demand, comes reduced burning of fossil fuels that release the harmful C02 into the environment. Read more about PUMA Electronics here.


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Googles ‘Project Sunroof’ estimates your potential energy savings from Solar Panels


Googles 'Project Sunroof' estimates your potential energy savings from Solar Panels

Google's latest venture into the Cleantech industry, 'Project Sunroof' calculates the hours of sunlight per year, square feet available for solar panels, factoring in trees, to give you an estimate of how much you could be saving with solar panels.

It helps potential buyers connect with local solar providers also.

Though, as with the sunshine, we aren't sure if or when this will roll out to the UK.

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